How to Use PunctureFinder

Following these steps will help you find and repair the puncture:

  1. Turning your bike over gives more stable access to the wheels.
  2. Take the wheel off and lay it flat.
  3. Unscrew the cap and thread on the valve (where you attach the pump to)
  4. On the opposite side of the wheel from the valve, insert a tyre lever and then another.
  5. With levers in place you can take off one side of the tyre all round on the wheel rim.
  6. Push the valve through into the wheel and then pull it out completely with the Inner Tube.
  7. Now pump up the Inner tube and run the Puncture Finder along searching for puncture.

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To put it simply Puncture Finder uses the escaping air from a puncture. It encapsulates this air within a dome that contains specially engineered light weight beads from the aero industry, which are very receptive and sensitive to air movement. The air is directed around the dome, via a carefully designed shape. The dome is transparent so you can see the beads moving. The innovation is centred around the beads and dome shape, which has been arrived at through rigorous testing and is protected.
Puncture Finder is designed to solve a problem. That problem was how to easily find your puncture. Traditionally either the Inner Tube is pumped up and passed through a bucket of water, or you try and feel where the puncture is. All a bit hit and miss. Puncture Finder was originally designed to be used out on a ride, but can be used at home just as well. It’s a more modern convenient method.