There are so many applications for Puncture Finder that we keep discovering more.

Here are just a few of the most popular.


Repairing a Bicycle tyre
In order to repair a puncture it is usual to use visual means and/or water immersion to locate the source. This method is time consuming and slightly ‘messy’, it also requires ‘props’ in the form of a bowl or bucket and a sufficient supply of water.

Puncture Finder requires no ‘props’ as it alone quickly locates the escaping gases from a puncture.

In addition Puncture Finder is:

  • small and light
  • infinitely reusable
  • easily transported
  • clean to use
  • inexpensive



Roadside repairs of motorcycle tyre punctures can occur at any time, day or night and having no respect for geography can occur in remote places. While aerosol gels can be injected into the tyre to ‘weld’ a leak in tubeless tyres, they do not ‘tell’ you if the repair has been successful and whether the vehicle is safe to ride.

The Puncture Finder tool is easily carried as a ‘safety accessory’.

Damaged tyres can sometimes prove hazardous, depending on the size and location of a puncture. The Puncture Finder helps to locate a puncture and aids in making a decision of whether or not to seek further emergency aid.



Camping equipment such as airbeds, pool flotation aids and inflatable boats frequently suffer punctures. While there are many puncture repair solutions, trying to discover the origin of a puncture, especially in poor light can be difficult.

  • Puncture Finder can be used in low-light conditions.
  • Bright colouring means you can find it easily even in the bottom of a bag or rucksack.

Other uses

Tyre Centres

Tyre leakage may be from a faulty valve, poor tyre seating on a rim, damage to a wheel or from a puncture. Using the Puncture Finder circumvents the need for water baths and in some circumstances can even prevent the unnecessary removal of a wheel.

Puncture Finder shows a customer or technician exactly where a puncture is releasing air and demonstrates that certain action is warranted. As a low-cost aid to locating a puncture all tyre centres would benefit from having Puncture Finder as part of their working equipment.

How would you use yours?