The NEW Revolutionary Puncture Locator

Finds the location of a puncture in seconds without requiring submersion in water. All for £9.99 with FREE Puncture Repair Kit and FREE Postage.

An inexpensive and indispensable tool for Cyclists, Motorcyclists, Motorists and Campers. Simple to use anywhere.

So simple, take a look at the demo film.

Just pump up the inner tube, then pass the Puncture Finder along searching for the puncture. The escaping air from the puncture will activate Puncture Finder. You will see the beads moving around rapidly. Now you have found the puncture, repair with the free kit Really Simple, Really Works, Saves Time.

All great products evolve to solve a problem. Puncture Finder does just that. Having a puncture in your bike tyre is annoying enough, but having to find it is even worse. Puncture Finder works so simply. Just pump the Inner Tube up and run the Puncture Finder along it. When Puncture Finder reaches the puncture, the escaping air activates the unique and very sensitive light weight beads, you have now found your puncture. Take a look at the video.

Punctures are generally caused by the tip of a thorn or sharp stone etc. It may not puncture immediately, but works its way through as you cycle along. Quite often its when you next come to use the bike you notice the puncture. After repairing the puncture remember to check the inside of the tyre for the object that caused it, it should be removed with care.

What Our Customers are Saying

“It works! It is so simple I am amazed it was never invented before now.”

D. Barraclough

Larnaca, Cyprus

“A few weeks ago the tyre centre told me I needed to replace my front tyres because they had damage too close to the sidewalls. Having one of these might have saved me shelling out, you just have to take people’s word if you haven’t the means of testing it for yourself.”

Zafar Syed

Wembley, London

“Used it several times now, on an airbed and on my daughter’s paddling pool, I am very satisfied with it. Actually, I even got my daughter to use it too, I think she thought it was a toy!”



“Tyre centre said I needed a new tyre as puncture was too near to the side wall. Not so! I checked with the Puncture Finder and a free downloadable guide I found from eTyres and saved myself a large and unecessary bill (the tyre was an almost new Michelin 275/35 R20)”.

Jenny G


“I usually take a spare inner tube with me if I am cycling very far. However, sometimes it isn’t that easy to get a replacement when touring in Europe, where cycle shops can be very hard to find. This little gizmo and a small repair kit solves the problem.” John Fowldes

Newport, Gwent

“With all the potholes in the roads up and down the country I have spent a fortune on tyres. The Puncture Finder does find a tyre leak without taking the wheel off and helps you know how fast the air is leaking, even when it the light is bad”. Ken Lewis

Dudley, W Mids

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